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Why using red on your website makes a difference

We often hear marketing professionals talk about colours and what it means in marketing. Have you ever wondered what colours mean when it comes to website design?

Web designers are now blessed with a plethora of colours – but is it a blessing or a curse? With such an array of options, sometimes designers are spoilt for choice and tend to make the website look aesthetically pleasing, and that may not be the most effective. Different colours may be used to evoke different emotions or even call to action because of how our minds are wired to associate colours to feelings or actions.

Let’s take a deep dive on “RED” and figure out the reason behind why using red makes a difference.

Branded as the most powerful colour to express moods and feelings, red captures attention instantly. This is important as the 3 second rule in advertising is real – capture your audience attention in 3 seconds, or else you will lose them. Not only red helps to capture attention, it has the power to create a sense of urgency and drive action.

With this in mind, it is important to understand how to use red effectively and here’s how:

Apart from being the primary colour, there are 4 variations of red that works well and each with their own unique usage.

· Pink: highlights a feminine and soft feel, a comforting colour

· Hot pink: showcase warmth and can portray sexiness

· Bright red: attention-grabbing

· Dark red: brings out warmth and reliability

What does this mean for brands: While there are many benefits of using red on your website, not all brands should adopt it, especially if it against their corporate colours. The colour red and its variations all have different meanings and messages, hence selecting the right colour to drive action and feeling is important.

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