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3 trends amidst COVID-19: Reaching to your consumers

COVID-19 – the most used word in all media outlets in 2020 so far. Not only has the virus made the headlines on almost every news outlets, everyone’s life has been impacted one way or another. During this pandemic, consumers are changing the way they feel, think and act. Here are 3 trends we have noticed, and how brands can adapt when reaching out to their consumers in these trying times.


With lockdowns and travel restrictions implemented across the globe, more consumers are spending more time at home. Working from home has become a norm and this resulted in more time and money spent online while out-of-home entertainment and brick & mortar stores are feeling the heat. 49% stated that they do not plan to head out to eat with 27% ordering food delivery or takeout.

Aside from this shift in consumer behaviour, 40% of the consumers would like to hear what brands are doing in relation to COVID-19 and 56% are happy to hear about brands doing their part to aid this situation for their local communities.

This global pandemic means that some industries are prospering, while others are having a tough time coping with the declining consumers demand. For the following industries, consumers are taking a strong interest and spending more time and money.

Since more individuals working from home, consumption habits have flattened across the day, with a slight increase in media/content consumption at night. Interestingly, desktop content for COVID-19 tends to do better than mobile. This could be due to more individuals spending more time at home on their desktops.

Aside from these trends, brands should always be sensitive when it comes to creating content in times like this. The focus for brands is not to advertise their products, but position themselves as one that understands and wants the best for their consumers.

Let’s do our part to combat COVID-19 and be socially responsible – on and off the internet. Stay safe, folks! #WeAreStillHEA #HEAwithU

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